January 2009

Family Time
We travelled to Mason City on Jan. 1, to spend a few days with family and take a quick trip to Minneapolis.

Can you tell Thomis already has a way with the ladies? He had Brooklyn, Emma and Jenna spun around his little finger on Jan. 1.

Jenna plays peek-a-boo with Thomis

A Visit to the Mall of America
We spent a quick afternoon at the Mall of America on Jan. 2. The girls were SO excited about visiting the new American Girl store!

The girls at an American Girl display, at the Mall of America

The girls (and Emma's American Girl doll, Mia) outside the American Girl store

The three of us, inside the American Girl store

Jenna and Emma check out Chrissa, the 2009 Girl of the Year doll. (She had just been "announced.") The American Girl that Emma got for Christmas, Mia, is the 2008 Girl of the Year.

The girls by the Chrissa display

The girls watch the doll hair salon in action

The girls with a few of the "treasures" they bought at the store. They each got two doll outfits, and a character dog.

Troy and Emma with and Emma-sized version of the "Just Like You" outfit Emma got for Mia from Santa

Emma and Jenna with Mary Casanova, the author of our 2009 Girl of the Year books. (Each of the American Girl dolls has several books written about her.)

Jenna in the Bitty Baby area of the store

The girls check out one of the displays

Troy with the girls outside the Disney Store, which was another "must-visit" store

Jenna is silly in the Disney Store

The girls had fun with a video camera display in the Mall of America Best Buy

Emma's silly face

Jenna's turn to be silly

One Last (and Awesome) Christmas
We had a belated Christmas celebration in Mason City on Jan. 3.

Brooklyn and Thomis wait to open presents

Jenna was VERY excited about her Target "credit card" :-)

Emma opens her presents

Thomis and Grandma Reed

The boys

Grandma Reed and her cuties

My name on my gift bag from my mom. :-) My mom set a bunch of photos of all of us to music, and gave us each a copy of the video. We were all a little, as Dana says, "salty" by the end. Even Jenna started crying! It was one of the best gifts I've ever gotten! ...Thanks, Mom!

Thomis and me

The cousins

"Why's everybody always pickin' on me?"

Silly girls

All of us

The dogs got jealous and wanted to be in the picture, too :-)

Mom, Jake and me

Joe gets some lovin' from Grandma

Dana, Brooklyn, Jake and Thomis

All smiles

Brooklyn and Thomis

Our little family

Joe, hiding in Grandma's plants

Thomis LOVED his peas at lunch! ...He's such a good boy!

"High-fives all around!'

Time for a drink

Happy little man

Any guess what my mom's favorite team is? (...Too bad they lost their playoff game the next day!)

The adults decided to "adopt" the Humane Society in Mason City, instead of getting each other gifts. The girls helped shop for all the things the doggies and kitties needed.

Emma, when we got to the Humane Society. We all got to go on a tour, see all the animals, and learn more about what they do at the Humane Society.

Jenna LOVED this kitty; she was beautiful. Her name was Merry, because she was found right before Christmas. :-)

Brooklyn with Merry

Jenna gives Merry some last-minute love

Jenna plays with another kitty

Some artwork on the wall in one of the dog rooms

Troy meets Duke, a great golden lab who was there

The girls and Grandma Reed's friend, Fred, check out the second dog room

Grandma Reed had organized a special surprise gift for the kids. She adopted a kennel for the year in the kids' names! ...Jenna discovered the sign before anyone had a chance to tell the kids and was SO excited! She showed everyone the sign about 10 times. :-)

Jenna meets Cody, the golden retriever who in "her" kennel. (He was such an awesome boy, too!)

The girls near their kennel

All the kids near their kennel

Cody got to come out to meet us all, and show us all his tricks. Seriously, who can resist a face like that? (His face, not mine... *grins*)

Then the girls got to give all the doggies treats

Jenna gives Duke a treat. He was very gentle when he took it from her.

More wall artwork

Before we left, the girls got to meet the lion-head bunny at the shelter

Our little animal lover, Jenna, shows the bunny a little love

Emma gets in a little more Thomis-time before we had to go

As one last surprise, the kids each got a stuffed, singing puppy and marshmallow-pop from the Humane Society. (Don't tell anyone, but I think maybe Grandma had something to do with that. Ha!)

After a great afternoon, we had a not-so-great drive home in the middle of an ice storm — on "travel not advised" roads. Joe had to ride on the floor, which he wasn't too excited about... and he kept trying to get up on my lap. :-)

"Come on... Don't make me sit on the floor!"

This is how Jenna rode, when she was trying to fall asleep on the l-o-o-n-n-g ride home.

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