Happy 4th birthday, Emma!

Birthday girl
Emma and her friends celebrated her fourth birthday on Jan. 14 at Urbandale Dance and Gymnastics, where Emma takes her dance class. They had a blast! Thanks to all of Emma's friends who helped her have so much FUN!

Emma and her birthday "cake"

The happy birthday banner in the party room

Pirates of the Caribbean
The kids started out the party by pretending to be pirates.

"Pirates" Caleb, Jake, Emma H., Emma M. and Madisen stretch

Parker, Caleb, Jake, Emma H. and Emma M. do their best pirate march

Grace, Zoe, Augie, Madisen, Parker and Caleb use their pirate listening ears

Parachute fun
Next, the kids played "Shark and Minnow" and had lots of fun with the parachute.

Miss Anna shows Caleb, Emma M., Augie and Zach how to have fun with the parachute

Future Olympians
After all that warming up, the kids finally got to have some gymnastics fun.

Emma M. has fun on the balance beam

Parker was a pro on the balance beam

Madisen and Jake had a blast on the uneven bars

Kelsie did a great job on the uneven bars

Both Emmas liked the swing

On to the gym
After warming up in the smaller gym, the kids then got to go into the "big" gym to jump on the trampoline and play in the foam block pit. And that's when they REALLY started having fun! :-)

It was pretty hard for the kids to listen to Miss Anna's instructions for the trampoline when there were girls doing awesome flips right behind the kids

Emma M. loved jumping on the trampoline

Jake shows off his moves on the trampoline

Grace did a super job on the trampoline; look at how high she was!

Emma H. had a great time, too, and got in some high jumps

Caleb had lots of fun on the trampoline

Augie showed how high he can jump on the trampoline

Wasn't Zoe cute jumping on the trampoline?

Zach did a super job on the trampoline, too

Next the kids moved on to the foam pit, and they did a great job of listening to Miss Anna's directions

Everyone was doing good at listening to the rules

Jake, "Super" Caleb, Grace and Emma jumped right in

All the kids had a blast and burned off a lot of steam in the foam!

Special guests

Emma was so happy her teacher Chelsea could come to her party! All the kids were glad to see her.

Madisen and Emma at present opening time

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